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Well Deviations Survey Analysis

Our Computerized Analysis Aids Pumping of Deviated and Horizontal Wells by Reducing Rod and Tubing Wear and Increasing Pumping Efficiency.

A computerized analysis service is now available to the operators of deviated and horizontal pumping wells.

Operators are asked to provide a directional survey with dog-leg calculations included and complete a questionnaire on the well in question. A few examples of the questions are pump size and depth, stroke length, stokes per minute, etc.

The analysis shows the rod load weight plus drag or friction by well depth increments. If the rod string is under designed, the analysis may suggest changes in rod sizes and types, Also, recommendations may be made for the centralization of the rod string at strategic points. These suggestions may include the use of scrapers, centralizers and Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings.

When requesting a well survey analysis to be performed, please send the directional survey including dog-leg calculations along with the completed questionnaire by email to Oilfield Improvements, Inc. at info@rodguides.com or call D’Anne McCumber at (918) 250-5584 or (800) 537-9327

In Midland, TX and surrounding areas contact Scott Backry at moreoil4u@aol.com or (432) 556-7360


Analysis Survey Questionnaire

Thank you for requesting information on our computerized well analysis. This analysis is completed by combining data from your directional survey with some general information about your well. Please complete the application questionnaire with digital copy of your well survey attached to the form.

With this information we are able to calculate four things:

1. The side load – amount of force each rod is exerting against the tubing.

2. The drag over the calculated area – amount of additional resistance caused by each rod rubbing on the tubing.

3. The total drag throughout the well

4. The total polished rod load – cumulative total of the rod weights as well as the additional drag.

Thank you for your assistance