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Applications & Specifications

Where should you install Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings?

• On the first two or three rods above the bottom hole pump.

• Intermittently throughout the rod string where wear is indicated on the rods or tubing.

• Where known hole deviation occurs or where past history shows signs of wear.

• On the first two or three rods below the stuffing box.

• Install Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings in place of the regular sucker rod coupling.

• Important: Start the threads on by hand before tightening with power tongs or rod wrenches to prevent cross-threading.

• Install Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings where known rod and tubing wear occur or in directionally drilled wells.

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* Temperature Caution Standard Models are for applications in well bore temperatures up to 175°F (fitted with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene wheels). For service in higher temperatures, see special wheels listed and consult Oilfield Improvements, LLC

** Rod Load Caution Standard models are designed for application within these listed rod load limits. For applications exceeding these limits, consult Oilfield Improvements, LLC Oilfield Improvements, LLC does not express or imply any warranties of its Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings, either with regard to these rod load limits or in any other manner.

Materials of Construction

Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings body
Standard Wheeled Rod Guide® coupling bodies are machined from cold rolled steel of 78,000lb tensile strength.

Special metals – The above models are in stock for high stress rods (made from stress-proof steel) 125,000lb tensile strength.

Wheels and Roll Pins
Wheels are set on stainless steel journals and roll pins. Standard wheels for applications up to 175°F are made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

Special Wheels
Wheel materials and temperature applications: Up to 175°F: UHMW 175°F-350°F: Amodel 350°F-450°F: Ryton There is no extra charge for any material listed above. 450° and above: Steel-there is an increase in the cost of this wheel material.

Replacement kits

Wheels, roll pins and journals are field-replaceable. Wheel kits are standard order items.