Oilfield Improvements, Inc. produces Wheeled Rod Guide® Couplings and
Ultra-Flow® (Field-Installed) Centralizers/Paraffin Scrapers

Providing Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings, Ultra-Flow® guides, and computer analysis of well deviation survey to accurately define side loading and drag for optimum tools placement. Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings are at work in Egypt, Pakistan, India, Canada, Australia, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia and many other locations.


Benefits of  using Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings

Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings will reduce wear and prolong the life of your sucker rods and tubing.

Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings will centralize the rod string in your tubing and the rolling action of the wheels inside your tubing walls during stroking, reducing friction and wear caused by the rods slapping or rubbing your tubing.

Several operators have noted that they were able to extend the operating periods between having to “pull and service” by an average of four times by using Wheeled Rod Guide® couplings and effective chemical treatment programs.

Why use Ultra-Flow® Centralizers

Ultra-Flow® Centralizers have more gripping force on rods, more fluid flow-by volume than any other field-installed centralizer/scraper available.

Ultra-Flow® Centralizers have longer useful life, larger vanes and bearing surface than any other field-installed centralizer/scraper available.